Yep, Joe Conte has a NEW 1 HOUR DVD/CD after 12 years of stand up and they’re called "Happiness". Both are loaded with self deprecating barbs at himself and life experiences that only a chubby boy from New Jersey can have. After the 1st track (Intro/Jersey Shore) it begins a pseudo timeline of his adult social life and views of women, children, dating and himself. Tracks 7, 8, 9 deal with being an Uncle and having police in his family. Tracks 12 and 13 "Obama" and "Interracial Dating" take broken English and racial discussions to new heights. Finally the last 4 tracks, all stem from the trials and tribulations of driving in America through the hazel eyes of an angry boy from the rough streets of Parsippany, NJ.

Get the DVD/CD on  or download the audio on Itunes or cdbay!